About the artist


Adam Bunch was born in Phoenix, Arizona, where he picked up his first pencil at less than three years of age. Creativity is in Adam’s blood, his father a talented artist-illustrator and graphic designer, and his mother a veteran crafts-person whose artistic skill pours from her fingertips. The Bunch family relocated from the desert to the lush green forests of the Rogue Valley when Adam was six, where he currently resides.

Benefiting from home-based education, Adam learned at his own pace and was encouraged to explore many creative forms of expression, with a particular passion for burning through reams of printer paper with pen or pencil. Thanks to his father, who had a penchant for improvising humorous embellishments of classic bedtime stories, he grew up with a love of books.

After exploring various avenues of professional artistic development – taking painting courses at Rogue Community College, human anatomy and character design workshops through Southern Oregon Art Academy, and studying illustration at The Art Department – Adam has continued to apply all of the skills he has acquired to his work as a freelance illustrator and concept designer, drawing his own career path one sketchbook at a time.

He has worked with film production company Fir Street Studios (formerly Land Mind Productions) as a storyboard artist and creature designer, illustrated book covers for the Numin U’ia fantasy novel series by A.A. Radda, and is sought after for his whimsical, off-beat style for everything from business logos to promotional campaigns.

Adam’s passion is his love of the fantastic, and of the sprawling adventures in the books and films of his youth, portraying an earnestness which he does his utmost to uphold in his art.

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