Tricerychon Gets a “Toon”-Up – Part 1

Zac Carson      Cass Sullivan Character Card

Copyright © 2014 Adam Bunch. All rights reserved.

With the ever-increasing popularity of 3-D feature length animated blockbusters like “Frozen” and “Big Hero 6” giving rise to an entire subculture of “fanimation” artists filling sites such as DeviantArt and Pinterest with their whimsically inspired creations, it was only a matter of time before I caught the bug.

I’ve been a fan of animated films since childhood, and it was this art form that began my lifelong love affair with art. Today I am still completely mystified by the magic and wonder of cartoon characters and the worlds they inhabit. As the spark ignited within me, I embarked on a journey to rediscover my first love via my ongoing multifaceted project, Tricerychon. The first two in a planned series of character designs portraying the cast of an epic adventure, the “tooned-up” approach allows me to loosen up, have fun, and discover new and wonderful sides to their personalities (which is invaluable to me as a writer).

2 responses to “Tricerychon Gets a “Toon”-Up – Part 1

  1. Howdy Adam–“Discovering” your art and website was a pleasant surprise. Though you’ve probably assisted me at Central Art Supply over a hundred times since the 90s, we’ve never really spoken or exchanged much. Most probably because I appear ‘old’ or at least older, and fairly straight-edged and all business at the register. Conversely, you’ve also seemed a bit bored by your job, and now I know why! Anyway, I thought I might just say hi. I read through your website, and was impressed that you’re talented, experimental, investigative and seriously interested in putting together a vision, your vision, melding your interests. One the site, the only thing I wished for was a history of sorts: schooling, exhibitions, that sort of thing. While my website ( has a very long list of such things, perhaps I was projecting the standard format we artists “succumb” to. BTW, I found your site via ArtStorm, which Cammy from Edgy In October turned me onto. There’s a pic of me and my partner on my site. You’ll also find there’s a section that notes I’m a writer, too. Anyway, thanks for putting yourself out there and keep at the good work. Cheers, MorganJ.

    • Hello, Morgan!
      I’m so glad you discovered my website! I remember you coming in to my work recently, and you are always pleasant even if we don’t exchange that much. Sometimes “work mode” for me is very distracting, and I don’t often “let my hair down” because of it. I had the fortune to visit your site as well, and am most impressed by your distinctive visual style, particularly the symmetry created by the geometric shapes and vivid colors of your work. You are also very talented! I took your advice, and have included an artist’s bio on my site, which will give you my artistic background and education up to this point.

      Thanks again for checking it out! I appreciate the support and good creative vibes! Regards, Adam.

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