Telling A Story In Pictures

CryolariiFamilyPortrait Small          BerylisBeast Small

All images copyright © 2014 Adam Bunch. All rights reserved.

Storytelling, especially in the context of fantasy, lends itself incredibly well to visuals. In my case, it is the driving force behind my own brand of storytelling. As new story ideas come to me, new visuals appear in my head, and conversely, when I create an image, all sorts of writing possibilities emerge. It also helps to have not only your own support group, but a partner in crime who is just as invested in the same project.

With the encouraging comments and creative ass-kickings of my wonderful husband, pushing me to incorporate more and more layers of detail in my artwork, I have moved beyond just scratching the surface of Tricerychon; I have delved deeper into a world that previously had no discernible form beyond an abstract description. That is the beauty (and impact) of what I will call “descriptive visualization” [most likely not an original term, but it fits anyway].

Giving my characters a life beyond the confines of the particular tale that is being told is absolutely imperative; it allows them to feel so much more real – to me, to the reader, and to anyone who views my illustrations. Personality is the key to captivating your audience, and if you can convey that in a single illustration by taking all those emotions and quirks of an individual, and put them into marks on a piece of paper – you have them! I’ve heard it said that illustration, unlike art, isn’t about feelings or emotions. I disagree.


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