Sticking With It

Something that I’m finding happens to me as a creative person, is that so many other aspects of my life often interfere or take precedence right when I have a creative spark: work, household responsibilities, personal life, even coming down with the “galloping crud”. When one is faced with the difficult organization of day-to-day, including all of the random chaotic bits in between, he is faced with two options: surrender to the chaos, or roll right along with it, working his creativity right into the constant flow.

I have chosen the latter.

Whether I have an idea right this minute, or later on in the day, I make note of it the moment it occurs, then make a flexible plan to attack that notion later. Of course, I have to make sure that “later” is limited to whatever time frame I’m setting for myself to get it accomplished – the difference between “in a couple of hours” and “in the next six days”.

Setting goals is, I think, a very healthy way of bringing a bit of order to life’s chaos. It allows us time to mull things over, try them out, see if they work, all while keeping a specific endgame in mind. Above all, setting those goals and giving yourself permission to a) change them and b) extend them is not only good, but often necessary to “stick with it.”

So, with that in mind, I have found ways in recent months to exercise this philosophy, fitting in little pockets of time here and there in which to flex my creative muscles; a chapter here, a sketch there, continuing the forward momentum that my busy and complicated life demands.

And it’s working!

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