The Evolution of a digital “Fan Art” Portrait



Recently I’ve been working with the digital medium much more, utilizing the Wacom tablet that has sat collecting dust under one of the tables in my bedroom for the last year or so. Every few months, I would drag it out and do a little doodling with it, but seldom anything substantial.

And nothing as ambitious as this, at least not since the black and white digital portrait I posted here a few months back. Color is much more difficult, but I was luckily able to apply everything I had learned over the years with acrylic painting to this piece, which took me a few days to complete.

One of the greatest discoveries I made that just simplified the whole color mixing process, was a selection in the Painter 11 program called “New Color Set From Image.” This allowed me to get a complete color palette that exactly matched the reference photo I was working from, so what could have been a lengthy and frustrating process was made much easier.

There are still some things that, working with this medium, I can see there is still much to be perfected and learned, as I slowly develop a steadier hand. However, I now feel almost as comfortable with it as I would holding a pencil or paintbrush. We all have to learn new things, but it’s nice to know that the knowledge we’ve already accumulated is still extremely valuable.

Fan Art by Adam Bunch. Character and source image are Copyrights of Warner Bros. The artist does not own or maintain any rights to the likeness depicted.

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