World Building, Part One: The L’orvandryl

Copyright © 2012 Adam Bunch. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Adam Bunch. All rights reserved.

Posting on a regular basis has proven difficult, but here I am once more, trying to find the words to share my artistic journey with you all. I recently have begun, in earnest. the lengthy and extensive process of “world-building.” This is no easy task, to be sure, but it is exciting and offers its own unique challenges. As I create new imagery, thoughts come rushing into my head, conjuring new characters and scenes for my series of novels, for which I am just scratching the surface of outlining. I have finally landed upon some wonderful backgrounds for the people of my world, and feel that I have greatly fleshed out their culture. There are currently three different “tribes” or “clans”, with potentially a couple more to follow. The young female pictured in this post represents the L’orvandryl, a fierce warrior people whose sense of honor and family is equally fierce. They are the “highland” people of Tricerychon, very “Celtic” in their design roots, all possessing fiery red hair and sapphire eyes. The L’orvandryl command some of the most dangerous of carnivorous predators, including species such as Allosaurus (pictured), and ride them bareback. Not known for interfering with the affairs of others unless their own land is threatened, the L’orvandryl keep to their borders and do not welcome outsiders.

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