Writing is HARD!

I now find myself getting back into writing my novel, which has been an ongoing uphill battle, just getting through the beginning stages of outlining and developing the world. World-building, as it turns out, is no easy task.

I am continually rewriting, reworking and rethinking my entire strategy, while trying hard not to sacrifice any part of the story or characters that made me want to do this in the first place. The mechanics of a story are, like an expensive watch, incredibly intricate and complex, and making them work together requires a superior concentration and attention to detail. Two things that are a rare occurence for me, with my crazy schedule.

So I will fight on, and forge ahead with new ideas and concepts, until I hit on something that clicks; the linchpin, if you will, that will hold all of the elements together to make the story work. My art informs my writing, and vice versa. I cannot have one without the other…

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