Life Happens

So, back in April or thereabouts, I decided to officially apply for art school. The school looked really neat, sounded neat, everything about it said, “do this! It will be so incredible and cool!”

So I applied. I waited a few months, working, doing other stuff, trying my best not to fret about school looming just over the horizon. Finally, August came and classes began. It seemed cool, I would be taking the classes online, there was a lot of good information to absorb, and I was keen to start my assignments, though unsure if I could finish them in time.

Then, right about the middle of the first week of school, I receive word that I have enrolled in the wrong course (a much more advanced one that is supposed to come later!). Panicking, I quickly scrambled to catch up all the online classes I’d missed, hoping and praying I would catch up. I did catch up, finally, and things were not so bad.

Then, things got worse. for the next several weeks, my emotions ran the gamut from excited to depressed to just plain abysmal. So, after only about a month and a half, I decided to pull myself out. It was time to reconsider some things, to redefine me.

I needed to take some time to really delve deeply into what makes me tick. What makes me happy? What do I want to do more than anything? Why have I always defined myself by what I do, rather than who I really am?

I know one thing to be true: art is my greatest passion. Being creative is what drives me. But maybe this particular route was not the right one. At least for now. I will continue to create, to be inspired, but it may take a different form than school.

What I can take away from this experience is not only the information I’ve gathered from those classes, but a newfound lease on life, and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of this world.

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