I Get Excited

The other day I received my copy of “Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen”, yet another amazing behind-the-scenes movie book to add to my already extensive collection. I started collecting books like this when I was about eleven or twelve. I’d save up my allowance money, and if I wasn’t distracted by some cool new “toy of the moment,” I would go to the bookstore and usually find some wonderful new book documenting a film’s production, and if I had the funds, it would get added to the library. I found myself constantly leafing through the pages of beautiful imagery that was generated from the brilliantly-creative minds of some of the finest conceptual artists in the business.

It was then and there, with the first book (whose title eludes me), that I decided I wanted to grow up to be a professional conceptual illustrator for feature films.

Now, sixteen years later, the course is still set, and all engines are go. Anyway, so “Green Lantern”: looking through this stunning 200-plus-page book, I am completely transfixed, my imagination fully captured with no hope of escape! The designs and gorgeous digital paintings instantly inspired me, and got me excited once again about going to art school and learning all about it, first-hand!

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