Throughout my life, drawing has always been an obsession. I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or creating some kind of art. When I’m awake, I daydream about magical worlds teeming with exotic, strange creatures, then realize them on paper. When I’m asleep, I may have more exciting visions of how to bring these worlds to life. I sometimes feel I cannot exist without it; it’s like this force within me, straining to get free.

Over the past 11 years I have pursued illustration as a career path, producing everything from business logos to storyboards. Each art form poses its own challenges, and yields its own rewards; some are more challenging than others, although I am always up for whatever comes my way. Artists are always striving to improve upon what they have created, never quite acheiving perfection. It’s that level of commitment that drives me, forcing me to be better.

The primary focus with this online portfolio is to show examples of my illustrative work, as it applies to entertainment (i.e. film and television). My goal is to launch a career as a conceptual illustrator, and realize my fantastic visions for the most visual and universal of mediums: motion pictures.

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